SHORT FILM (2020, proof of concept for series)

Director / Writer 

Hannah (33) and Rachel (30) are Jewish sisters with baggage. Today, they have agreed to get their first tattoos together.


Stuck side by side in the chair with nothing to do but talk, they are forced to confront a shared history that’s as painful as it is hilarious. When their tattoos are finished, we learn - with the gentlest touch - that Rachel has had a double mastectomy and her new tattoo repurposes the scars into something beautiful. Hannah has accompanied her for support. Her own tattoo is a show of solidarity.


Sometimes healing is skin deep.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Melbourne International Film Festival 2021

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Toronto International Film Festival 2021

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Flickerfest 2022

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Aspen Shortsfest 2022

Starring: Yael Stone, Emily Barclay, Tracy Mann

Director: Madeleine Gottlieb
Writer: Madeleine Gottlieb 
Producers: Liam Heyen + Cyna Strachan
DOP: Alex Cardy
Production Designer: Diva Abrahamian

Costume Designer: Verity Mackey

Editor: Christine Cheung