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Episode 2 - The Deluge (written by Sarah Walker)

Episode 3 - Bound (written by Alistair Baldwin)

Episode 5 - Walking Gambit (written by Adrian Chiarella)

Episode 7 - Come As You Are (written by Marieke Hardy)

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NOMINATED - 2024 AACTA Award for Best Drama Series

NOMINATED - 2024 AACTA Award for Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series - Joel Lago (Bound)

NOMINATED - 2024 AACTA Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Tim Draxl (Bound)

NOMINATED - 2024 AACTA Award for Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series - Kate Box (The Deluge)

NOMINATED - 2024 AACTA Award for Best Cinematography in Television - Tania Lambert

A series of standalone contemporary tales about lust, desire, and longing, but with an SBS twist. Each story explores desire from a different character perspective and spotlights diverse experiences of sex and intimacy across age, sexuality, race, gender and disability.

Starring: Frances O'Connor, Alex Fitzalan, Kate Box, Emily Havea, Danielle Cormack, Joel Lago, Crystal Nguyen, Tim Draxl, Mark Paguio, Yuchen Wang, Dominic Ona Ariki

Directors: Madeleine Gottlieb (Episodes 2,3,5,7) & Leticia Caceres (Episodes 1,4,6,8)
Writers: Christine Bartlett (Ep 1), Sarah Walker (Ep 2), Alistair Baldwin (Ep 3),  Sara Khan (Ep 4), Adrian Chiarella (Ep 5), Tamara Asmar (Ep 6), Marieke Hardy (Ep 7), Jean Tong (Ep 8)
Producers: Liam Heyen & Helen Bowden
DOP: Tania Lambert (Episodes 2,3,5,7), Drew English (Episodes 1,4,6), Kate Cornish (Episode 8)
Production Designer: Fiona Donovan
Costume Designer: Roma D'Arrietta
Editor: Christine Cheung (Episodes 2,3,5,7) & Ariel Shaw (Episodes 1,4,6,8)
Original Music: Jackson Milas, Lucy Blomkamp, Josie Mann, Antony Partos, Matteo Zingales
Sound Designer: Wes Chew & Luke Mynott



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